Finance Committee

“The finance committee is a town’s official fiscal watchdog,” according to the handbook provided by the Association of Town Finance Committees. Accordingly, Finance Committee deliberations focus primarily on how matters that it considers potentially impact the long-term and short-term financial outlook for the town. According to the town’s bylaws, the Finance Committee shall:
  1. "Consider all matters included within the articles of the Warrant for every town Meeting, and shall subsequently report its recommendations on all financial matters therein and on such other matters as it deems appropriate,”
  2. “Consider any or all municipal questions which it deems appropriate for the purpose of making reports or recommendations to the town or to any town officer, board, committee, or commission.”
As provided by state law, the Finance Committee also authorizes disbursements from the Reserve Fund for emergency expenses, monitors and authorizes deficit spending for emergency winter-related expenses, approves the expenditure ceiling for revolving funds. The Finance Committee also has an Audit Review Subcommittee that works with the town's auditors during the annual audit and reviews audit results.