Speen Street/Cochituate Road and Winter Street/Fountain Street Water Main Project

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Speen Street and Cochituate Road (Route 30) Water Main Project

The existing water main in this area has a high incidence of breakage due to the materials and the methods used during construction. When breaks occur, traffic is heavily impacted by unplanned repairs.  Additionally, the roadway on Speen Street is in need of reconstruction and the roadway work cannot be completed until the water main is replaced.

The project includes the replacement of 3,900 linear feet of water main.  The replacement pipe is expected to extend on Speen Street from Old Connecticut Path to Cochituate Road and from 650 Cochituate Road to around 740 Cochituate Road near Natick’s town line.   

This project will also abandon in place approximately 1,500 feet of existing water main that is no longer in service by filling the lines with a commonly used controlled density fill. 

Fountain Street and Winter Street
In the vicinity of the Winter Street Bridge at Fountain Street, a new water main and services will be installed. 

Project Map