Dudley Road Multi-Use Recreation Path

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A $400,000 Complete Streets grant from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) was awarded to the Town last year to fund the first phase of this project.  The proposed work consists of a bi-directional multi-use path, approximately 3,600 feet in length, originating just north of the intersection of Fountain Street and Dudley Road and continuing along the east side of Dudley Road, terminating at Dr. Harvey L. Cushing Way. The path will be 10 feet in width and be composed of bituminous asphalt.  It will be separated from the roadway by a shoulder buffer of variable width and run approximately parallel to the existing road.  

A future planned second phase will continue the path north along Dudley Rd. and connect to Mount Wayte Avenue where the path will transition to on-street dedicated bicycle path or shoulder lanes, connecting Dr. Harvey Cushing Way via Mount Wayte Avenue to Union Avenue.

The proposed multi-use path will provide improved non-vehicular safety along the Dudley Road corridor, allowing residents of nearby neighborhoods to more easily access major Town recreation amenities such as Bowditch Field, Cushing Park, Farm Pond Park, and Loring Arena. It will also link residents to downtown transit, employers and schools in the area without need for an automobile.

Watch the March 9, 2017 neighborhood meeting by clicking the link below:

Fountain Street and Dudley Road Multi-Use Recreational Path Neighborhood Meeting

Project Map