Administering Wetland Protection Laws
The Conservation Commission is responsible for reviewing and permitting all projects in or near wetlands, ponds, and rivers in the Town of Framingham under the following laws:
  • The Wetlands Protection Act
  • The Framingham Wetlands Bylaw
A permit must be obtained for any work that consists of dredging, filling, removing, or altering within 125 feet of wetlands and vernal pools, or 200 feet of perennial streams.

Additional Responsibilities
In addition to protecting water resources, the Conservation Commission:
  • Owns and manages over 405 acres of open space with trails in Framingham;
  • Sponsors environmental education and engagement programs throughout the year;
  • Participates in the planning and implementation of the Town's Open Space Plan and;
  • Administers the Town’s Pond Management Program of testing and treating in 6 major ponds for nuisance aquatic vegetation.