Wastewater Easements

Easements are rights of way to sewer main pipes that are part of the town infrastructure yet travel through private property to gain necessary pitch and flow. These easements are essentially the town's right of way to access and maintain a sewer main on private property.

Need for Mains on Private Property
Mains on private property are constructed when necessary to provide a working sewer system in certain areas of town. Sometimes just putting sewer main pipe under the road is not enough to provide adequate infrastructure where it is needed.


These easements must be maintained and inspected annually. This includes:
  • Clearing of brush within the access way
  • Manhole inspections
  • Line maintenance

Purchasing a Home with an Easement

If you are a purchasing a home, it is disclosed by the seller whenever an easement lies on the property for sale, and it can be further identified on the property deed. Usually there is minimum inconvenience to the homeowner to the effect of town employees on their property.