RDA Process Costs

Request for Determination Fee

The request for determination has a local filling fee of $100.

Certified List of Abutters

The assessor's office charges $45 for a list of all people who own land within 100 feet of your parcel. By state law you are required to inform abutters of your hearing. We will give you all the necessary paperwork to obtain this list.

Notifying Abutters

You can either notify your abutters by certificate of mailing, certified mail, (return receipt). It is recommended that you contact the Post Office to determine the cost of these mailings. You can hand deliver the notice and have your neighbors fill in our Evidence of Notification form (also available from the Conservation Office).

Legal Notice

As part of notifying the public, a legal notice must be posted in the newspaper with the date, time and purpose of your hearing. The Conservation Office takes care of placing and paying for the notice.