Investigative Division / Police Prosecutor

The Bureau of Investigation, under the direction of the Lieutenant Blaise Tersoni, works with other law enforcement, governmental, and non-governmental agencies. Department investigations include, but are not limited to, crimes against both persons and property.

Specialized Services
Of the crimes investigated by the bureau, most are initiated by the Patrol Unit and are forwarded to the bureau for follow-up. The bureau provides specialized services in department criminal investigations. Bureau staff supports the uniform patrol in the investigation of major crimes such as: homicide, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, armed robbery, fraud, and other felonies. Drug investigations and other investigations can be initiated by the bureau or as directed by the Chief of Police.

School Resource Officers
The bureau School Resource Officers work in the High School, the Middle Schools, and the Elementary Schools in partnership school staff. Domestic Violence Advocates reach out to victims to provide safety planning and referral. The bureau is prioritizing its resources to combat crime. Death investigations, investigations of violent crime, and follow-up and investigations of drug activity that directly contribute to violent crime, currently consume the majority of bureau resources.

Techniques & Technologies
The bureau is constantly exploring and developing more effective investigative techniques to address crime. The bureau is progressive in its response to schools, domestic violence, and the uses of the latest technologies such as digital photography, electronic communication, and databases to conduct investigations.

General Duty Unit Investigators
The responsibilities of the General Duty Unit Investigators include criminal investigations which consist of:
  • Crime scene reconstruction and analysis
  • Interview / interrogation techniques
  • Investigative strategy
  • Patterns / profiles of unknown offenders in violent crimes
  • Prosecution strategy
  • Search warrant affidavits
  • Threat assessments
Domestic Violence Unit Investigators
The Domestic Violence Unit Investigators was created in 1996, and has evolved into a nationally recognized model for a coordinated effort to combat domestic violence. The unit is staffed with 2 investigators and 2 victim advocates, and Child Violence Intervention Specialist. This concept is designed to put a team approach to better respond to family violence.

Narcotic Unit Investigators
The Narcotic Unit Investigators will aggressively target, investigate, and bring to prosecution those individuals or groups involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics and drugs. The focus of the unit’s enforcement activity is directed towards street level drug dealers. It is a known fact that concentrating efforts towards this group of offenders will substantially reduced street level violence and quality of life issues.

The unit maintains a professional relationship with federal, state, and local Police Departments, creating a bond of cooperation in the fight against illegal drugs at all levels.

School Resource Officers
National Association of School Resource Officers (N.A.S.R.O.) trained officers reflect the same mission statement to promote a better understanding of our laws, why they are enacted, and their benefits.

They provide a visible and positive image for law enforcement. They serve as a confidential source of counseling to students concerning problems they face. They bring expertise into schools that will help young people make more positive choices in their Bureau of Investigation lives.

They also work to protect the school environment and to maintain an atmosphere where teachers feel safe to teach and students feel safe to learn.

Identification Unit Officers
The Identification Unit Officers are equipped with crime scene processing gear, and trained to use this equipment to identify, collect, forensically examine, give expert testimony, and preserve physical evidence at crime scenes.

Prosecution Unit
This unit includes the review of incoming criminal complaints, the providing of training and legal expertise to the department, and the preparing and presenting of criminal cases to the District Attorney's Office and Clerk Magistrates of the various Trial Courts.

Domestic Violence Victim Advocates
This unit is staffed with persons who can evaluate situations and make referrals for counseling, legal assistance, shelters, support groups (in partnership with Voices Against Violence), and the Bureau of Investigation.